Due to the constantly growing number of retail orders for single enclosures, which customers duplicate every few days, from 01/08/2021 we are forced to introduce a handling fee of PLN 30.75 gross (PLN 25.00 net) for orders with a value below PLN 250 net (PLN 307.5 gross). Please think over your purchasing needs and, if possible, combine them into one order. The purpose of this decision is to shorten the lead time for all orders.

The fee is valid until further notice and applies only to product orders . Our services contracts are not covered by it.


Catalogues, promotional and advertising materials, logos and product photo packages to download

We encourage you to download our materials in order to familiarize yourself with the catalogue range of enclosures, materials for distributors and manufacturers, as well as presentations of new products. The materials can be downloaded in PDF format.

If you need individual materials for distributors, please contact our Marketing Department:

Agnieszka Mucha

Marketing Manager