Due to the constantly growing number of retail orders for single enclosures, which customers duplicate every few days, from 01/08/2021 we are forced to introduce a handling fee of PLN 30.75 gross (PLN 25.00 net) for orders with a value below PLN 250 net (PLN 307.5 gross). Please think over your purchasing needs and, if possible, combine them into one order. The purpose of this decision is to shorten the lead time for all orders.

The fee is valid until further notice and applies only to product orders . Our services contracts are not covered by it.

Please be advised that due to the large number of orders, the delivery time is extended in the worst cases to 14 business days. We will keep you updated on all orders that will be processed longer. Purchase of non-foiled enclosures can help speed up the order, so if possible, please kindly include this in the comment box when finalizing your order.


In the case where the delivered goods are not in accordance with the order, the Customer shall have the right to replace the goods with the ones compliant with the order or new ones

In order to make a complaint, please provide the following information:

  • full name
  • company name
  • contact phone
  • e-mail address
  • order/VAT invoice no.
  • date of purchase
  • index of the product complained about
  • defect description
  • pictures of the product and the cartonbox

and send them to the following address

The complaint is considered
up to 2 months after the purchase.

The complaint is considered within 14 days. If a complaint is accepted, a new product is sent to the Purchaser in return of the one non-conforming with the order.

In the event of the lack of the ordered, non-defective goods, Kradex shall notify the Customer by e-mail or phone call. At the discretion of the Customer - the paid amount is returned to the Customer's bank account, or other goods at the same price, chosen by the Purchaser, are sent.